Risk Score explained

The risk score shows the risk the investor is taking, and is calculated using a special formula we have developed right here in eToro. The score is

How do I “follow” someone?

When spotting an interesting trader or a market you would like to keep track of, you can add them to your watchlist. This can be done simply by clicking

How are Popular Investors paid?

Popular Investors are paid once per month via their trading account. The funds are then withdrawn to their preferred means of payment (for example: Bank

How many followers do I have?

You can see all your followers by going to your profile and viewing the “followers” tab. You can also view a list of all traders you are

What is "commenting" on a trade?

When you comment on a trade action, you're basically striking a discussion about this particular action. Anyone can join in, from the copied trader,

What is eToro’s Popular Investor program?

eToro is the world’s leading marketplace for the next generation of traders and investors. You can earn directly from online trading by leading 5

How does eToro choose the top ranked traders?

The rankings are based on total gain or winning ratio. We use several different filters and criteria to rank our top traders. Filters include, but are not