What is eToro’s Popular Investor program?

eToro is the world’s leading marketplace for the next generation of traders and investors. You can earn directly from online trading by leading 5 million social traders worldwide and getting paid as a new generation of fund manager when they copy your investments.
Popular Investors may earn fixed payments and up to 2% of their annual assets under management (AUM). These payments are in addition to any profits made from their own trading. Our most successful Popular Investors also enjoy a 100% spread rebate on all their trades.
Please note the requirements to join the program:
1. Your account must be verified (can be completed by clicking here
2. You must have at least 1 copier at the time of application 
3. Deposit at least $1,000 in the account 
4. You must share your:
   - Real name
   - Real photo
   - Basic background information in your eToro profile
5. Apply to the program by clicking the ‘Apply now’ button in the following link: http://www.etoro.com/popular-investor/