Copy Trader

How can I stop copying someone?

You can easily stop copying an investor by simply closing the CopyTrader row on the WebTrader platform. For each CopyTrader action you’ll see a row

Does it cost me to copy another trader?

Absolutely not, CopyTrading is completely free of charge!   eToro is a social trading platform that allows you to copy other traders of your choice

How do I start copying a trader?

On your profile page you’ll see a CopyPeople button on the sidebar located at the left side of the screen, under the 'Discover' section.

Copy Trading - How To?

CopyTrader is eToro's most iconic feature. The driving force of social trading, CopyTrader enables you to see what real people are trading in real

What is Copy Stop Loss?

Copy Stop Loss (CSL) is a feature that gives users the ability to effectively manage your trades by providing risk management across each copy

Market Order

A market order means that the trade will be executed at the first available rate when the market opens. You will be able to open a market order whenever

How long does it take for trades to be executed in my account once I copy someone?

Very fast! But seriously, trades are typically executed in less than a second from the instant the trader you copied executes their own trades. eToro has

Updates in the copy trader system

As of 26/7/15, we have made three new changes in the way you copy a trader: 1. The maximum copy allocation is now 100% of your equity. 2. Profiles

Can I ask the copied trader for advice or recommendations?

We always encourage communication among members of our community. You can reach out to any trader in the community by commenting or opening a discussion

Why are my trades not being copied?

When choosing to copy a trader you have two options: 1. To copy all the trader’s currently opened positions. This is the default option.  Each

High risk score traders

Traders with who have a consistently high risk score may be blocked from being copied. We routinely review profiles to determine who can be copied,

Can I copy more than one investor?

Yes, you can copy up to 100 different investors at any given time.

what are Copy dividends?

We have added a new feature to enhance your Copy Trading experience! Copy Dividends ensures that every time the trader you are copying withdraws funds,

How does eToro choose the top ranked traders?

The rankings are based on total gain or winning ratio. We use several different filters and criteria to rank our top traders. Filters include, but are not

Can I get my traders’ details?

Due to privacy regulations we are not permitted to disclose such information. 

Q&A about the new changes in the copy trading experience

1. Why am I blocked? eToro is required by regulation to ensure that the risk our traders take is suitable to their risk appetite. In order to ensure that

Can I copy a trader that is not listed in the rankings?

Of course! We give you the freedom to copy whoever you like. If you have spotted someone you want to copy, go ahead! Functionality remains exactly the

Copy block

Welcome to the exciting world of copy trading! Due to regulation requirements (CopyTrading Investment Management services), Copy Trading Services will be