Why are my trades not being copied?

When choosing to copy a trader you have two options:

1. To copy all the trader’s currently opened positions. This is the default option. 

Each position will open in a proportional amount -

(As an example: If the copied trader has a trade using 10% of his realized equity, a trade will be opened for you, using 10% of the amount you allocated for copying that trader.)


2. To start copying the trader and only copy new future positions he will open.

When choosing this option, you may notice the trader has positions already opened, but they do not open on your side.

Some traders may not open any new positions when you copy them.

You can always stop copying a trader, and then copy them again, while changing the copying style ( method 1 or 2).

Kindly note that the minimum proportional amount for a copied position to open is $1. Trades below that amount will not open for you. 

Before you copy a trader, you can see in his account how much funds he recommends allocating in order to successfully copy him.

Or simply contact him for his recommendation.

Remember that the decision of how much to allocate is yours and yours alone.

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