What does responsible trading mean?

If you are being copied by other eToro users, you are passively managing the funds of other people, and we strongly encourage you to practise responsible trading at all times.

All eToro users can see your daily, weekly and monthly risk score. Your risk score serves as an indicator of how much their portfolio is at risk by copying you.

If you consistently reach a risk score of 8 or higher, you may be blocked from being copied.


For Popular Investors, the maximum risk score we allow is 6.

A trader who wishes to become a Popular Investor must not have had a risk score higher than 6 in the 2 calendar months prior to joining the program. In addition, potential Popular Investors will not be accepted to the program if they have open positions exceeding the leverages below:


Currencies - maximum 50 leverage

Commodities - maximum 25 leverage

Indices - maximum 25 leverage

Stocks - maximum 2 leverage

ETFs - maximum 2 leverage


Existing Popular Investors who reach a risk score of 7, or open positions exceeding the leverages above, will not receive their payment that month.