The Watchlist is your personal customized trading dashboard.

We have added this exciting new feature to enhance your personal trading experience.

It allows you to keep a close eye on all the Markets and People that you’re following.



Here's how:

  • The default items on your Watchlist are based on your most recent investments.
  • Add or remove any item by clicking on the blue settings icon in the top right hand corner and selecting either Rearrange/Remove.

          (Click X  to remove)

  • View your Watchlist either in list format or in image format.

Change display

  • Change your view or adjust the time frame (D/W/M), simply click on the relevant icon in the top right hand corner of your Watchlist.

Set performance display.

  • You are able to add up to 10 folders in the watchlist, and up to 50 items in each folder.

To open a new watchlist, click on "My Watchlist​" and then:




   Why you need to be using Watchlists