Can I deposit using a friends' payment method?

A 3rd party payment is a deposit made from a payment method that is not in the same name as the owner of the eToro account.

As stated in our Terms & Conditions, the owner of the trading account should be the owner of the funds. Therefore, you are unable to make a deposit using someone else's payment method.    

However, there are a few exceptions. For example, If you wish to use a method of payment belonging to your spouse, we can set up a 'Joint Account' for you. This means that both parties will be allowed access the account to trade and deposit or withdraw funds.

You will be asked to provide identification documents and a copy of your marriage certificate, as well as completing our joint account form.    

Alternatively, if you are using a family members' method of payment and you are able to prove your relationship with a birth certificate, an affidavit or a similar document, then we can set up Power of Attorney on the trading account (POA).

If you cannot prove your family relation or have no relation to the 3rd party payment holder, then sadly, we cannot offer the POA option. Setting up a POA means you can only deposit and withdraw using payment methods in the name of the POA.

Along with the relationship proof, other identification documents will be requested as well as completing our POA account form.