What is eToro's credits policy?

As of February 1st, all deposit-related promotional offers have been suspended in accordance with the recent move by our regulatory body, CySEC, to limit the granting of eToro credits to customers.  
With the phenomenal success of our social trading platform and a vast array of exciting new releases, eToro offers market-leading financial solutions for both investors and traders. As a leader in the industry, we will continue to offer customer benefits that enable our customers to achieve and exceed their trading goals.
Any credits that were given to you by eToro were intended to enhance your trading experience and portfolio. In the interest of fair trading, these credits are considered a NWA (non-withdrawable amount) until the trading volume requirements have been met. This means that you can convert your eToro credits into a withdrawable amount simply by trading. 
With each trade that you open you are lowering your NWA by converting a percentage of it to real cash equity. At the end of each week, a portion of the spread associated with all trades opened that week will be deducted from your NWA and turned into withdrawable funds. 

In accordance with this principle, the amount invested in open positions will always be taken from your real cash equity before incorporating eToro credits. 

The added benefit of eToro credits is that once your cash equity has been fully invested, these credits can be used to increase your margin and leverage your investments. 

It is important to note that your NWA gets lower with every trade that you close and also that any profit or loss as a result of trading, will always belong to your cash equity. 

For example:

You have just deposited $100 and were granted  $10 in eToro credits, making your equity $110.

$10 of that $110 are marked as the “Non Withdrawable Amount” (NWA).

Different instruments may carry different percentages :

Forex Major Pairs (any pair where the USD is one of the currencies) : 30% earned.

Forex Crosses (all other Forex pairs) : 20% earned. 

Commodities and Indices : 10% earned. 

Stocks : 30% earned. 

For your convenience, here are some examples of how it works:  

1. Forex Major Pair: You trade 10,000 Units of EUR/USD and close the trade. If the spread was $3, your NWA will be reduced by $0.90 (3 x 30%) bringing your NWA to $9.1 (10 - 0.9)

2. Forex Cross: You trade 10,000 Units of GBP/JPY and close the trade. If the spread was $1.3, your NWA will be reduced by $0.26 (1.3 x 20%) bringing your NWA to $8.84 (9.1 - 0.26)

3. Commodity: You trade 10 Units of OIL and close the trade. If the spread was $1.4, your NWA will be reduced by $0.14 (1.4 x 10%) bringing your NWA. to $8.70 (8.84 - 0.14)



% Earned















All other Currency Pairs


Commodities (Oil, Gold, Silver)


Indices (SPX500, NSDQ 100, DJ30, UK100, FRA40, GER30)









**eToro credits may expire and are subject to deductions upon withdrawal of cash equity from the account. 

Any credits given to you by eToro are intended only to enhance your trading experience and portfolio. If you are withdrawing funds related to your eToro credits, your withdrawal will be subject to a credits deduction. eToro will contact you via email if such a deduction is needed.

For further details, please see section 1.22.2 of our Terms & Conditions.