What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a highly volatile digital currency that can be prone to large price fluctuations throughout the day.   You are now

How can I sell something I never bought?

When you are investing in CFD,  you invest in the possibility of a price of an asset to move upor down. “Sell” and “Buy” are

Which fees and commissions does eToro have?

Please review all the fees and commissions on our fees page

How can I close my stock position(s)?

To close your positions, simply: Log into your account and click on "Portfolio".Click on the instrument you wish to close to bring up a

What do I purchase when I buy stocks on eToro?

Please note that eToro uses CFDs for stock trading, and a CFD stands for Contract for Difference.   CFDs are specialized and popular Over The Counter

Pending stocks

When opening a stock order while the market is closed, it will show as "pending" until the market opens.   Fore the markets opening times,


A pending order (or limit order) is an order placed in the system aimed to execute into a position once your selected target rate or better is reached.

Is it possible to “short sell” stocks?

Yes, you can open both Long (BUY) and Short (SELL) positions on all stocks. For more information on Real-Time Stock Trading, check our blog

Are the buy and sell orders executed in real time?

Buy and Sell orders Are executed in real time.  Select any one of the 800 stocks currently offered, in real-time, using our trading

Can I buy fractional stocks?

Yes. Unlike the traditional exchange markets, eToro allows you to invest as much or as little as you like in your favorite stocks, even if the amount is

How do I know how much I’m going to pay per stock?

Invest as little as $25 in any stock – we still offer fraction share investment, which means that you can invest as much as you want, no matter what

Can I buy a stock when the market is closed?

We are introducing a new feature- market order- an order that allows you to open a position at the minute the market is open with the first available rate

Is it possible to leverage my stocks?

Yes, you can! It is possible to leverage your stock trades by up to x10  Click here to read more on leverage and Real-Time Stock

How to find stocks in the platform

Not sure which stocks do we offer?  Perhaps you would like to diversify your portfolio and discover new markets to invest in. This article will

Real Time Stocks

Stock trading at eToro has so far been done through orders gathered and then executed in daily batches. On April 19th, all of this was changed. From now


Are the buy and sell orders executed in real time?What do I purchase when I buy stocks on eToro?How do I buy stocks?What are the benefits? How can I

Why don’t you have all stocks like other brokers?

We have an amazing selection of more than 800 Stocks right now!  Didn't find a stock you were looking for? Let us know, and we will look into

Why is the risk in real time stock higher than in the FX market?

This is due to the large price movements on a daily basis. Price gaps are an additional behavior which can be seen more on stocks trading. 

Can I trade Real Time stocks in Demo?

Yes you can.   

Are there any benefits in buying stocks at eToro?

Invest as little as $50 in fraction shares and your favorite brands to your portfolio . We are giving you the opportunity to inject that same “

What is a reverse stock split?

We're glad you asked! A reverse split is a market event whereby a company decides to reduce the number of existing shares and in so doing, increase

What is a stock split?

Excellent question!    A Split is a market event whereby a company decides to divide its existing shares into multiple shares according to a

What is the risk in real time stocks?

Stocks are moving in X% on daily basis. If no news, movements are not too high, but on certain times, those movements exceed 10%. The risk when trading