How do I know how much I’m going to pay per stock?

Invest as little as $25 in any stock – we still offer fraction share investment, which means that you can invest as much as you want, no matter what the share price is.

You are now able to open a position on any of the 230 stocks currently offered on our platform, in real-time, using our trading platforms (be it the Webtrader, or our Mobile Trader Apps). 

That means instant trade execution, which will enable you to take advantage of intraday price movements on stocks.

Each stock will come with a buy and sell price, which means a spread between the two. However, stocks don’t have fixed spreads, the difference between the bid and ask prices is determined by market participants (buyers and sellers) – therefore the spread you will see on eToro will also change according to market conditions.

Buying stock CFDs entails paying a small holding fee. The holding fee (similar to the rollover fee in currency markets) will be charged once a day. You will be able to see all holding fees listed on our fees page

Note that there will be no holding fees charged for unleveraged long positions (leverage of x1).

It’s important to notice that with this change, the amount allocated to an order will not be available for trading, since the order amount will be considered as “reserved” equity unless you should cancel the order.