What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a highly volatile digital currency that can be prone to large price fluctuations throughout the day.
You are now able to trade Bitcoin in real-time! 
With real-time Bitcoin trading, you’ll enjoy a better trading experience:
• Open both long and short positions (short positions will incur a credit rollover)
• React quicker to market changes
• Closely manage your positions 
*Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum Classic are now available as real assets! To learn more about what this entails, please refer to the Crypto section of our FAQ and please read our Cryptocurrencies Addendum to the Terms & Conditions
Short positions on Bitcoin are still traded on our platform in the form of a CFD (Contract for Difference).
Traders should be aware of the risks associated with real-time trading and are asked to closely monitor their trades throughout the day.