What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a highly volatile digital currency that can result in large price fluctuations throughout the day.
eToro offers Bitcoin as a long term investment to its users.
Therefore, Bitcoin is traded on our platform in the form of a CFD (Contract for Difference).
As of April 12th, you are now able to trade Bitcoin in real-time!
With real-time Bitcoin trading, you’ll enjoy a better trading experience:
• Open both long and short positions (short positions will incur a credit rollover)
• React quicker to market changes
• Closely manage your positions
• Take advantage of leveraged trading
* For all future real-time stocks with a leverage of x2 or more, a rollover fee of 0.05% will be applied on all open Bitcoin positions on the platform. 
All future positions will be eligible for leveraged trading. Existing positions will remain without leverage (at 1x).
* It important to note the we do not offer bitcoin as a depositing /withdrawal method.
Traders should be aware of the risks associated with real-time trading and are asked to closely monitor their trades throughout the day.