Real Time Stocks

Stock trading at eToro has so far been done through orders gathered and then executed in daily batches.

On April 19th, all of this was changed.

From now on, you will be able to open a position on any of the 230 stocks currently offered on our platform, in real-time, using our trading platforms (be it the Webtrader, or our Mobile Trader apps). 

That means immediate trade execution, which will enable you to take advantage of intraday price movements on stocks, just like you do on every other instrument.

Integrating real-time stock trading across our systems has multiple advantages. You are now able to:

- Open both Long (BUY) and Short (SELL) positions on all stocks.

- Leverage your stock trades by x2, or use no leverage (x1) like you did before - it’s up to you!

- Open and close stock positions from the WebTrader, and from the Mobile Trader app - without going through the eToro OpenBook.

- Use Stop Loss and Take Profit orders to limit losses, and lock in profits and edit them 24/7.

- Trade 24/7 - when the markets are closed your trade will generate an order which will be executed as soon as the markets open

- Copy more diverse traders - as more and more investors add stocks to their portfolios, your Copy experience will become more diversified. 

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- Invest as little as $50 in any stock – we enable fraction share investment, which means that you can invest as much as you want, no matter what the share price is.

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