Minimum Trade Size

eToro is a proud winner of the Finovate Best of Show Award and our growing selection of investment opportunities gives traders the ultimate financial power!

From first time traders to more experienced investors, we offer something for everyone. Whether you prefer to trade manually, copy others, or a mixture of both, there's a world of opportunity at your fingertips. 

The minimum amount required to copy another trader is $200. To learn more about CopyTrading, click here

For CopyFunds, the minimum investment is $5,000. To learn more about CopyFunds, click here

The minimum amount required to open a manual position depends on the instrument you're investing in:  

  • $25 for currencies and commodities  
  • $50 for stocks 
  • $200 for indices and ETF's

For customers who registered on or after April 2nd 2017, the minimum trade size is based on exposure (leverage x invested amount):

  • Forex and indices: $5,000
  • Stocks and ETFs: $500
  • Crypto-currencies: $200
  • Commodities: $2,500

For example, if you open a currency trade with x1 leverage, then the minimum investment amount would be $5,000. Alternatively, if you invest $500 then the minimum leverage would be x10. 

For stock trading, if you use a leverage of x5, the investment amount will need to be at least $100.

We invite you to check out our market discovery page where you can take your pick of 100's of financial assets, or use our people discovery tool to help you find the traders who best fit your trading goals and preferences. Click here to delve into our new and exciting CopyFund options and enjoy the freedom of a fully allocated portfolio, designed with your strategy in mind!