What type of oil does eToro offer?

Answer: WTI Light Crude Oil

(The price is in accordance to the CME Group).

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil is of very high quality and is best at refining a larger portion of gasoline.

Its API gravity is 39.6 degrees, which makes it a "light" crude oil, and it contains only about 0.24 percent of sulfur (making a "sweet" crude oil).

Brent Blend is actually a combination of crude oil from fifteen different oil fields located in the North Sea. It is still a "light" crude oil, but not quite as "light" as WTI, and it contains about 0.37 percent of sulfur (making it a "sweet" crude oil, but again slightly less "sweet" than WTI).

 Brent blend is good for making gasoline and middle distillates.