What is the market range for a pending order?

When setting a pending order, it is important to bear in mind that your requested order rate may not be traded during volatile periods in the market. In such cases, your order may execute into a position within a range of the target rate. This market range not only ensures that the order is executed at a suitable rate, but also acts as a safety measure so that a trade does not open in cases where the price has moved sharply away from the target rate.

An order will trigger only once your requested rate is reached in the market. The market range starts at the target rate you had set and goes in the direction the market is moving from the market rate at the time of the order, as follows:

  • If the target rate is higher than the market rate at the time of the order, the range will be upwards.
  • If the target rate is lower than the market rate at the time of the order, the range will be downwards.


The market range is set in the system and varies according to instrument:

Instrument Symbol Market Range (pips)
All stocks and ETFs   100
All currencies   20
Oil OIL 100
Gold GOLD 300
Silver SILVER 20
Copper COPPER 100
Natural Gas NATGAS 100
US Dollar Index USDOLLAR 100
China A50 Index China50 100
SPX500 SPX500 500
NSDQ100 NSDQ100 1000
DJ30 DJ30 4000
UK100 UK100 1000
FRA40 FRA40 1000
GER30 GER30 750
AUS200 AUS200 1000
ESP35 ESP35 2000
JPN225 JPN225 4000
HKG50 HKG50 1000
Platinum PLATINUM 300
Bitcoin BTC 2000
Ethereum ETHEREUM 40000
Bitcoin Cash BCH 1000
Ripple XRP 100
Dash DASH 500
Litecoin LTC 250
Ethereum Classic ETC 6000
Cardano ADA 10
Stellar XLM 10
Binance Coin BNB 100
Bitcoin / Euro BTCEUR 3000
Ethereum / Euro ETHEUR 12500
Ethereum / Pound ETHGBP 100
Bitcoin / Pound BTCGBP 2700
EOS / Pound EOSGBP 5
Ripple / Pound XRPGBP 10
Ethereum / Japanese Yen ETHJPY 100
Bitcoin / Japanese Yen BTCJPY 100
EOS / Japanese Yen EOSJPY 300
Ripple / Japanese Yen XRPJPY 20
Ethereum / EOS ETHEOS 20
Ethereum / Stellar ETHXLM 600
Ethereum / Bitcoin ETHBTC 10
Bitcoin / EOS BTCEOS 600
Bitcoin / Stellar BTCXLM 15000
EOS / Stellar EOSXLM 10