Why should I verify my account?

The verification of your trading account is required in order to provide you with the best possible service and comply with financial service regulations.

What is proof of address?

In order to verify your account, you are required to provide us with a Utility Bill, or Bank Statement.     This must be issued to you within

Phone verification problems

Please make sure that: The number is entered with no special characters, no spaces and no country code.If you previously had an account with us, please

Identification Documents

In order to verify your account, we will require a copy of your valid passport or both sides of your government issued identification card. This copy must

How can I verify my phone number?

In order to verify your phone number, simply click HERE.   The phone verification will only require you to enter a valid phone number in the form

How do I upload the documents?

Uploading documents is a simple process that can be done by clicking here. *Documents can be uploaded in the following formats: .pdf, .jpg, or .doc