eToro Partners

What are eToro Partners' commission plans by default?

Our default commission plans are: 25% RevShare or $200 DCPA For more information, you can check out our commission plans.  

How do I change my payment information and account details?

For security reasons, you cannot make any changes. In order to edit your payment information or account details, please contact your personal partner

Why can’t I promote in the US?

Please note: In the past, we offered our trading services in the USA. However, due to changes in regulations conflicting with trading laws, we can no

How does the eToro Partners program work?

Each time a visitor clicks on one of your partner links, they are directed to eToro’s site where they can see our Social Investment Network,

Is there a minimum amount that is needed for me to receive my partner earnings?

The minimum amount for a transfer by eWallets is $100. For a deposit by wire transfer the minimum amount is $500.

Account Verification Corporate Account - in company name with an option for trading

Please send us a ticket with the following documents and the filled in Corporate account Questionnaire: Corporate Questionnaire 2017Passport and

Account Verification Corporate Account - non-trading account

Please send us a ticket with the following documents and the completed Affiliate Questionnaire: Passport and utility bill issued in the last 3 months and

Commissions - payment default - wire transfer

Please open a ticket and provide the payment details in the following format: Beneficiary: the name of the beneficiary Bank Name: Bank Address: Branch

What is an FTD?

An FTD is a First Time Deposit which occurs when your referred trader makes their first deposit with real money.

What is eToro Partners?

eToro Partners is the partners program that offers monetary payment for traffic directed to eToro from the affiliate’s/IB's online sources (e.g.

Marketing tools

We offer many marketing tools including banners, articles, widgets, etc. You can begin promoting eToro and generating revenues by using our wide-range of

What is DCPA (Dynamic Cost per Acquisition)?

The DCPA rewards you with up to $200 for each new depositing trader you refer to eToro, with your commission being equal to the first deposit amount of

How do I create serial IDs?

To create a serial ID click on “Custom Links” in the left side menu of your partner account. Then proceed to choose the type of link and your