What is the maximum risk score for Popular Investors?

We set a risk score policy for eToro clients who are part of the Popular Investor program to protect other investors from inadvertently exposing their funds to the most high risk trading strategies.


From 28 March 2022, Popular Investors will be blocked from receiving new copiers if one of the following situations occurs:

  • Maximum daily risk score of 8 and above: The block lasts for 2 months from the moment you manage to get your risk score back below 8. 
  • Average monthly risk score of 7 and above: The block occurs at the beginning of the month based on the average monthly risk score of the previous month. It lasts for 1 month, as long as you maintain a risk score lower than 7 during that month.

The restriction does not affect existing copiers. 


At eToro, we review our investors' strategies regularly to determine who can be copied, in the best interests of the eToro community and according to eToro's Terms and Conditions