What is the Discover Page?

Discover Page is a unified, all-in-one destination for those who want to explore all the types of instruments we offer at eToro.


You can find all the Trade Markets, Copy People, and Invest in Smart Portfolios pages in one 'Discover' page. 


This section can be found here. You can also access it from the left sidebar on the web version of eToro, or the tab at the bottom of the eToro app.


The Discover Page includes the following sections:

  • Explore Global Markets: This section is tailored to your interests, with the investment opportunities that are most relevant to you.
  • Browse by Category: This allows you to navigate efficiently between our various asset types and explore all available exchanges.
  • CopyTrader™: This shows all the top investors on our platform, where you can filter your search to find a trader that meets your needs and start copying their trades.
  • Smart Portfolios: These are curated collections of assets or top traders. In this section, you can browse, invest and instantly diversify your portfolio in just a few clicks.
  • Daily movers: This presents the assets that have seen the biggest gains or losses in the last day.
  • Trending Assets: Here we highlight the assets that are creating a buzz in the markets right now.
  • Community Choice: This section shows which instruments are the most traded by eToro customers, filtered by asset type.
  • Recently Added: This section shows the instruments that have been listed on our platform most recently.
  • Trending on the feed: Presenting the most discussed assets on the eToro feed, and how many posts that instrument is currently tagged in.