What are Smart Portfolios?

Smart Portfolios (formerly known as CopyPortfolios) are curated collections that let eToro clients instantly diversify their holdings by investing in arrays of assets and traders with a click.

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This thematic approach to investing is designed to help investors take advantage of market opportunities and focus on the strategies they care about most – saving time in the process.


There are three types of Smart Portfolio:

  • Top Trader Portfolios, which are composed of the best performing investors on eToro, according to predefined strategies.
  • Thematic Market Portfolios, which bundle together selections of assets according to predefined themes. These could be based on technology, crypto, traditional industries or certain regional markets.
  • Partner Portfolios, which have been created by our diverse investment partners and harness their respective organisational strengths. These partners are experts in a host of areas including AI-led investment strategies, crypto specialisation, advanced sentiment analysis, and more.


Each type of Smart Portfolio takes a wide range of approaches: per region, industry, type of asset, investment strategy. No matter your preference, you should find a Smart Portfolio that connects to your style. 

Smart Portfolios are periodically re-balanced to get the most out of the thematic trading strategy on which it is based.

It is important to note that each person or asset included in a Smart Portfolio is counted as a single investment. Each investment will open for you with the same proportional amount as a percentage of your allocated funds – just like copying another investor.



What is the minimum amount required to invest in a Smart Portfolio?

The minimum amount required to invest in a Thematic Market Portfolio or Partner Portfolio is $500. For Top Trader Portfolios, the minimum amount required is $5,000. These Portfolios operate like multiple investors, all working for you at the same time. As such, there are many underlying positions that are opened on your behalf. A sizable investment ensures there are enough funds to open all of the positions.


Can I remove funds from a Smart Portfolio?

It is not possible to remove a part of your investment. You can close the Smart Portfolio completely to return funds to your available balance. Please note that cryptoassets held in Smart Portfolio positions are not available for transfer to the eToro Money crypto wallet.


Can I close individual positions within the Smart Portfolio?

It is not possible to close individual positions within the Smart Portfolio. You can close the Smart Portfolio completely to return funds to your available balance.


How can I realise my profits?

Profit/Loss is live and is reflected in your investment portfolio. You can realise your profits by closing the Smart Portfolio. The funds will go to your available balance.


What does re-balancing a Smart Portfolio mean?

The re-balancing mechanism closes and opens positions periodically, to keep the asset allocation ratio, and maintain the Smart Portfolio’s strategy.


What factors do you take into account when re-balancing a Smart Portfolio?

Over time, the value of individual ETFs in a diversified portfolio moves up and down, drifting away from their target weights. For example, over the long term, stocks generally rise faster than ETFs, so the stock portion of your portfolio might go up (or down) relative to the ETF portion. 


When is my Smart Portfolio re-balanced?

Re-balancing periods change from one Smart Portfolio to another. Visit individual Smart Portfolio pages on eToro to find out your Smart Portfolio’s specific re-balancing frequency.


Are fees charged to close a Smart Portfolio?

As opposed to a traditional investment house, there are no management fees associated with investing in or closing Smart Portfolios. However, the underlying financial transactions initiated by a Smart Portfolio incur eToro’s spreads. Visit this page to view our pricing.


Are Smart Portfolios a long or short-term investment?

Smart Portfolios are created with a long-term strategy in mind, so they can be considered suitable for investors wanting a more passive approach. 


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