Deposit & Withdrawal

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

Once you check you have the amount you would like to withdraw in your available balance, you can place a withdrawal request, by following these steps:

What is the minimum deposit amount on eToro?

In many countries you can start investing with a minimum deposit of $50.   Users residing in: Minimum first deposit: United Kingdom, United

Does eToro charge conversion fees?

We charge a conversion fee when you deposit or withdraw funds in a currency that is not USD.  As the eToro platform operates in USD, we do not charge

Why can't I withdraw funds from my eToro investment account?

To withdraw funds, you need to place a withdrawal request.  In case you are not able to complete this step, please make sure:   You are trying

Does eToro charge withdrawal fees?

Yes, all withdrawal requests are subject to a $5 fee. Any withdrawals sent in currencies other than USD are subject to conversion fees. Details of our

Which fees and commissions does eToro have?

There are 5 types of fees on eToro: Conversion fee: apply to non-USD deposits and withdrawals. Spread: the difference between the BUY and SELL prices of a

How do I deposit funds?

To deposit funds in your eToro account, you may choose any of the available methods of payment in your country and follow these instructions:   Log

When will I receive my withdrawal?

As long as the account is fully verified and no additional documentation is required, you may request to withdraw any and all funds that are available in

Corporate account

A corporate account on eToro is perfect for businesses that wish to invest in the financial markets.  Select a question from the list below to learn

How do I deposit by E-wallet (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller)?

After entering the Deposit Funds screen, simply click on your preferred method of payment, then enter the amount you wish to deposit, click on “

What do I need to start on eToro?

To apply for an eToro investment account, you’ll need:   To be 18 years or older (we’ll ask for proof) To live in one of the countries

How do I deposit via Credit / Debit Card?

Click on the blue Deposit Funds button at the bottom left of your screen. Choose the currency and the amount. Select Credit / Debit card as the

How do I deposit by bank transfer?

To deposit funds by bank transfer into your eToro investment account: Click on 'Deposit Funds' at the bottom left of your screen. Choose the

What should I do if I can't see my withdrawn funds?

Normally, you will receive your funds in a few days, depending on the payment method used. If you still do not see the funds after that time, try these

Can I use Revolut to deposit and withdraw?

Yes, you can use your Revolut account to deposit and withdraw in USD, GBP and EUR.   To deposit via Revolut:  Verify your eToro account Click on

Where can I see the exchange rate used for my deposit?

You can see the exchange rate that will be used for a non-USD deposit both before and after you make the payment:  Before you deposit   Click on

What are SWIFT and IBAN?

A SWIFT code - also known as a BIC - is made up of 8 characters and is used to identify a particular bank. An IBAN stands for

Which credit card types are accepted ?

eToro accepts credit and debit payments from the following cards:  Visa Mastercard Maestro*Only debit cards that can receive funds and have a 3 digit

Why do I need to add a new payment method to withdraw funds?

When requesting a withdrawal from your eToro investment account, you may be asked to add details of a new payment method, such as a bank account or an e-

Why can't I deposit using a payment method under another person’s name (3rd party payment)?

eToro does not allow third-party payments. A third-party payment is a deposit made using a payment method that is not in the same name as the owner of the

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount you can withdraw from your account is $30. You can learn more here.

What are Recurring Deposits?

Our Recurring Deposits feature allows you to schedule automatic payments from your credit or debit card into your eToro investment account.  You

How can I cancel my withdrawal?

You can cancel your withdrawal request if it is shown as 'Under Review' in your transaction status. To cancel:  Enter your trading

Why did I receive less than I requested to withdraw?

If you have received less money than you expected from your withdrawal, here are a few possible reasons:   Intermediary feeIf we sent your funds via

How do I set my Recurring Deposits?

You can set Recurring Deposits after you have made a regular deposit via credit or debit card.  To set Recurring Deposits: Go to “Recurring

How do I withdraw funds from my eToro investment account using eToro Money?

You can withdraw funds instantly to eToro Money at any time. The amount you can withdraw can be up to the value of your available balance, which does not

Is depositing safe and secure?

Yes, depositing money into your eToro account via any means is absolutely safe, private and secure. All transactions are communicated using Secure Socket

Can I deposit via Sofort (Klarna)?

Depositing with Sofort is available to our users in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland,

How do I choose where to receive my withdrawn funds?

Select the ‘Withdraw Funds’ tab in the sidebar. Enter the amount to withdraw and click ‘Next’. Review the default payment option.

What should I do if my bank account has been closed?

Although we offer a choice of payment methods when you withdraw funds from your eToro account, we may have to refund the original deposits where we deem

How do I deposit funds to my eToro investment account using eToro Money?

Depositing to the eToro investment platform using eToro Money is quick and simple for clients living in regions where eToro Money is

Can I deposit using a business or corporate payment method?

Using a corporate or business method of payment to deposit into a personal eToro investment account is against our terms and conditions.   If you

How do I deposit via Trustly online banking?

An online bank payment via Trustly is a simple and secure way to deposit funds into your eToro account. No additional registration is required.  

How will the charges appear on my Credit Card statement?

Your Credit Card charges will be listed on your Credit Card statement under eToro (Europe) Ltd.   Feel free to contact our support team with any

What if my credit card has been cancelled?

Although we offer a choice of payment methods when you withdraw funds from your eToro account, we may have to refund the original deposits where we deem

What if my credit card has expired?

As soon as your credit / debit card expires, we’ll remove the details from our system.  You won’t have the option to withdraw funds from

Why is there less in my eToro account than I deposited?

If your eToro account has been credited less than you deposited, it may be due to one of these reasons:   Intermediary feeIf you deposit funds via

What happens if a payment via Recurring Deposits fails?

If a payment does not go through, we will cancel your Recurring Deposits plan and inform you both by email and via a notification within the platform.

How can I cancel my Recurring Deposits?

To cancel your Recurring Deposits: Go to 'Recurring Deposits' here (or enter your eToro account and click Settings ⚙️ in the left-hand menu,

How do I know when I set Recurring Deposits to occur?

You can check when the payments you scheduled will be made in the 'Recurring Deposits' tab here (or enter your eToro account and click