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What is the eToro Account Statement?

See a full overview of all your investing activity in your account statement. Here you can check all the movements in your account, such as open and

How can I contact eToro?

Do you have a question about your account or the platform? Have you encountered an unexplained error? Or maybe you have a suggestion for a new

Do I need to pay taxes on my trades?

You need to calculate and pay any applicable taxes in your country or countries of tax residence.  You can use information from your account

How do I close my eToro account?

Before closing the account, please ensure that you have closed all open positions and withdrawn all funds in your available balance.  To close your

How do I change my account details?

To change your registered phone number, please follow the instructions here. To change your registered email address, please follow the instructions here.

How do I change my registered phone number?

To change your registered phone number: Go to Account Settings (or enter your eToro account and click Settings ⚙️, in the left-hand menu, then click

Which regulation is my account under?

You can check which of eToro’s corporate entities your account is registered to, and the body that regulates it, by clicking here or following these

How can I see my investment history on the web version of eToro?

To get to your investment history on the web version:   Click on the Portfolio tab in the left hand sidebar. Click My Portfolio in the menu at the

What do I need to start on eToro?

To apply for an eToro investment account, you’ll need:   To be 18 years or older (we’ll ask for proof) To live in one of the countries

Is my money safe in eToro?

Yes.   eToro operates in accordance with FCA, CySEC and ASIC regulations, meaning that there are measures in place to protect investors.   On

Can I transfer my trades to another broker?

Currently, eToro does not offer the option to move open positions to another broker via the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) or any

How do I change my password?

To change your password, follow the instructions below: Go to Account Settings (On the web version of eToro: Click ⚙️ Settings in the left-

How can I contact eToro via Live Chat?

Fast and easy to use, our Live Chat service lets you interact with our dedicated Customer Service team in real time. Live Chat is available to all

What is the eToro Club?

The eToro Club is an ongoing loyalty programme for our valued clients, offering a wide range of services and tools to enhance their trading experience.

What are overnight refunds?

An overnight refund is a credit you may receive for holding a CFD position on a certain asset that dramatically changes its price from one session to

Where can I see the overnight fees that will be charged and / or I have paid?

You can view the overnight fees (or refunds) before you open the trade, while the position is open and once it is closed in 5 different places:  

What happens to an eToro account after an investor passes away?

eToro has a duty of confidence to our clients, even after their death. This means we cannot disclose information about our investors to anyone other than

Where can I find my Position ID?

What is a position ID?   The position ID is a unique 9 or 10 digit number assigned to each trade for identification purposes.   Where can I find

How do I log out of the account?

From the eToro web version   Go to the sidebar on the left side of the screen Click on ‘Logout’  From the eToro mobile app Tap on

How old do I need to be to trade with eToro?

If you wish to open a real money account with eToro you must be at least 18 years old.

How do I add funds to my virtual account?

If you wish to add funds to your virtual account, please open a ticket with our Customer Service team and specify in your message how much you would like

What happens if I do not log into my eToro investment account?

If you do not log into your account for over one year, a monthly inactivity fee of $10 USD will be charged from any remaining available balance.  The

What is staking?

Staking is a process that allows rewards to be earned by holders of a specific coin.  Staking derives from the PoS (Proof-of-stake) mechanism, used

How do I know if my account is verified?

You can check the verification status of your eToro investment account at any time.  There are 3 ways you can view your verification status on eToro (

Can I have more than one eToro account?

We only support one eToro investment account per user at the same time.

When are overnight fees charged?

We apply an overnight fee (or an overnight refund) to your available balance at 17:00 New York time for any applicable CFD position open at that time.

What is eToro?

eToro is a social investment and multi-asset brokerage company with 10 offices worldwide, including centres in the US, UK, Israel, Cyprus and Australia.

How do I activate 2FA in my account?

To turn on Two Factor Authentication (2FA), you need to make sure you have an active and verified phone number in your eToro investment account. Then

How do I change my registered email address?

To change your registered email address: Go to Account Settings (or enter your eToro account and click Settings ⚙️, in the left-hand menu, then

What is a weekend fee?

A weekend fee refers to the triple overnight fee that we apply, once a week, for holding a CFD position.  Overnight fees are not charged on

Can I change my username?

eToro does not offer the functionality to change your username.

What should I do if my account has been blocked?

If your account has been blocked and you are unable to access your account, please contact us. If you are unable to sign into the Customer

Are there overnight fees on stocks, cryptoassets, and ETFs?

We may charge overnight fees on those assets if they are CFD positions.  We do not charge overnight fees on stock, crypto, or ETF positions that are

Why is eToro providing tax authorities with my tax details?

Governments around the world are introducing new information gathering and reporting requirements for financial institutions to help fight tax evasion and

Why don’t I receive the SMS code to log in? (2FA)

If you have 2FA activated in your eToro account and you do not receive the SMS code, we advise you to:   Make sure your phone is connected to a

What is the Maximum number of open trades I can have in my account?

2,000 is the maximum number of positions you can have open in your account at any one time.

How can I track my open tickets?

Did you know that you can track your tickets in the Customer Service Center? Check out our Customer Service Center where you can see all your tickets,

Does eToro offer Islamic accounts?

Here at eToro, we are able to offer Islamic accounts in accordance with Sharia law.   The benefits of an Islamic account are: No interest on

Does eToro accept US clients?

Yes, we accept residents of the United States.   eToro is available in almost every state. See which states are currently supported here.  

Is eToro regulated?

Each eToro investment account is registered to a particular eToro entity. All eToro entities are regulated by financial bodies established by governments

Can I change the currency of my eToro account?

The eToro platform operates in USD only.  However, you can choose to display your portfolio value in any of the currencies we offer, based on the

How do I activate Biometric authentication in my account?

To turn on Biometric authentication (Face/Touch ID), you need to make sure you have activated 2FA first in your eToro investment account. Then follow

How can I submit a complaint?

To submit a complaint, please use our Online Form. You can use the Customer Service Center to track your tickets.

How does eToro hold my money?

Your funds (except for margin) will be held in segregated bank accounts or in segregated accounts with another authorised firm which may be an affiliate

What are Earnings Reports?

The Earnings Reports are the most common method for a publicly-traded company to report its financial results for a specific period.   These

How do I close a position on the eToro mobile app?

To close a trade:   Go to your Portfolio here (or enter the eToro app and tap Portfolio at the bottom of the screen to see all the instruments you

Do you take the overnight fee from the position or from the available balance?

For manual trades, we take the overnight fee from the available balance.    If you do not have funds in your available balance, overnight fees

Where is eToro located?

eToro is regulated in the UK, Europe, Australia, Gibraltar and the US. We have 10 offices worldwide, including centres in the US, UK, Israel, Cyprus and

Does eToro have an Android App?

Yes we do! In order to install the eToro Android App on your mobile phone, please login to the Play Store, type eToro in the search bar and install the

Can I reopen an eToro account I closed?

Once you have closed your eToro account, it cannot be reopened.

How can I unsubscribe myself from your mailing list?

If you wish to unsubscribe from our mailing list, all you need to do is click here. This link is also available at the bottom of each promotional / news

What can I do if I think my account was compromised?

An account can be compromised when someone else gets access to your login details and / or to any of the devices you use to log in to your eToro

How can I verify my email address?

If you skipped the email verification step immediately after creating your account, you’ll need to verify your email address to help keep your

How can I make my account more secure?

Your security and privacy are of the utmost importance. The eToro platform has many measures in place to protect our community. We recommend you do the

What is Biometric authentication (Face/Touch ID)?

Face/Touch ID is an optional and secure access method for the eToro mobile app that uses facial or fingerprint recognition to allow you to unlock the

How can I see my investment history on the eToro mobile app?

To view a history of your closed trades, previously copied traders and Smart Portfolios, and other transactions on eToro, please follow these steps:  

How do I change the language on the eToro platform?

To change the language of your eToro investment account, follow the next steps: Go to General Settings (On the web version of eToro: Click ⚙️ Settings in

What is social investing?

Social investing is an innovative way of trading and investing that combines the financial markets with social features. With eToro, you can discuss

How do I make my account private?

You can control whether others see your trading activity and name on eToro. Click on Settings and then click the Privacy tab.  Under Trading Activity,

How do I open an eToro account?

To create a new eToro investment account, follow the next steps:   Go to the eToro ‘Join Now’ page here. Choose a username, enter your

How do I register for an eToro account as a Self-Managed Super Fund?

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) may register for an account with eToro.  An SMSF is a superannuation trust structure that provides benefits to its

Why should I keep 2FA active in my account?

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of security to access your eToro investment account. It requires you to enter a unique

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

You can find eToro's Terms and Conditions, and the Addendum to Terms and Conditions for Cryptocurrencies Trading, here. Please make sure that

What is the News Feed?

The News Feed is one of eToro’s social investment features. It gathers all the trading and investing content related to the instruments, people, and

How can I get daily market updates?

eToro sends its clients market updates. The updates are sent to the email you registered with. Please note that the updates are sent only to active and

What is eToro's credits policy?

As of 1 February 2017, all deposit-related promotional offers have been suspended in accordance with the recent move by our regulatory body, CySEC, to

How many followers do I have?

You can see how many followers you have by going to your profile. You can also view a list of all traders you are currently following at the bottom of

Can I invite my friends to join eToro?

Any friend of yours is a friend of ours!  Here’s how to invite your friends to join eToro:   Log into your eToro account. Select ‘

Why can’t I find the ESG Score on some assets?

We launched the ESG Score for thousands of stocks and we are developing this feature in stages. If you don’t see the ESG score for a certain stock,

What is an ESG Score?

An ESG score is a combined view of how companies and sectors incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into their business

Where can I find the ESG Score at eToro?

You can find the ESG score for most of the stocks we offer on the eToro investment platform.   To find the ESG for a particular stock: Select