What happens to an eToro account after an investor passes away?

eToro has a duty of confidence to our clients, even after their death. This means we cannot disclose information about our investors to anyone other than parties who are legally entitled to it.


Once we receive confirmation that an eToro account holder has died, we close the investment account, including any open positions and any services connected to it, such as the eToro Money account and eToro Money crypto wallet. 


We then transfer the funds either to an estate bank account in the name of the eToro account holder or to the executor. We do not send funds to the beneficiaries of the estate.


We make sure that the closure process is as easy as possible for the executor and that the funds are transferred to the right place.


What should the executor do to start the closure process?

If you are the executor of a deceased eToro investor, please open a ticket in our Customer Service Center with the details of the account.


Our dedicated team will guide you through the process and explain exactly which documents you need to provide.


Which documents are required for this process?

We will ask you to provide the documents listed below. Please note that additional documents may be required depending on the jurisdiction of the deceased.

  • The death certificate of the eToro account holder
  • A notarised letter from an attorney confirming who is the executor of the eToro account holder's estate
  • A notarised copy of the eToro account holder's will confirming who is the executor of the estate
  • In cases where the executor is a direct relative: A document proving the relation to the eToro account holder (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate)
  • Proof of identity of the executor or contacting relation
  • Details of an estate bank account (set up once the bank has been notified of the death, in the eToro account holder’s name)