What can I do if I think my account was compromised?

An account can be compromised when someone else gets access to your login details and / or to any of the devices you use to log in to your eToro investment account. In this event, your eToro account and other apps you use may be exposed to unauthorised persons.


If you ever suspect there’s unauthorised activity or someone else might be using your account, follow the steps to get back into your account and make it more secure:

  • Check your account information

Go to your Settings and make sure that the email address and phone number linked to the account are correct and have not been changed.

  • Change your password

Using a strong password helps keep your eToro investment account safe. A strong password is unique, long, and hard to guess. We suggest that you use a password that is different from the ones you use for other services

  • Activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA adds an additional layer of security when accessing your account by requiring a verification code sent to your mobile phone via SMS or phone call to be entered. This security measure is required after you make your first deposit. In case you do not have the 2FA activated, we highly recommend you turn it on in your Account Settings

  • Activate Biometric authentication (Face/Touch ID)

Face/Touch ID is an optional access method for the eToro mobile app that uses facial or fingerprint recognition to allow you to unlock the eToro app. This replaces the username, password and / or 2FA code when logging in.

  • Complete phone and email verification in your account

If you verify the email address and phone number linked to your eToro account, it will be more protected, and less likely to be compromised. 

Has your eToro investment account been compromised or you are not able to access your account? Click here to contact Customer Service.