Trading & Investing

Why do I need to add funds to open my position?

In order to open a new Buy or Sell position, it is necessary to have funds in your available balance. CFD trading is based on strategy and sentiment: An

How do I close a position?

It’s easy to close a trade. Here’s how: 1) Click on "Portfolio" to see all the instruments you are currently trading. 2) Click on

Stop Loss Limitations and Maintenance Margin

The maximum Stop Loss permitted when you open a position is 50% of the position amount (with the exception of non-leveraged BUY positions). This limit

Does eToro pay dividends?

Yes, we do.   Your account may be either credited or debited if you are trading a stock, ETF or index that pays a dividend.  If you hold a

Trailing Stop Loss

Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) is an exciting feature we have added in response to feedback from our valued trading community.   A trailing stop loss sets

What do I purchase when I buy stocks on eToro?

When you open a non-leveraged BUY (long) position on a stock, you are investing in the underlying asset, and the stock is purchased in your name. This

What is leverage?

Leverage is a strategy in which an investor uses debt (borrows money) to invest in certain financial products to increase the potential return of an

Is eToro blocked in my country?

Thank you for selecting eToro as your preferred trading platform. Kindly note that due to changes in regulations, we can no longer legally offer eToro in

Which fees and commissions does eToro have?

For a full overview of all eToro's fees and commissions, please refer to our fees page.   Watch our video on the eToro Academy to find out

What is ‘Pending Close’?

A position can be closed only when the market you are trading is open. If you click the ‘Close’ button when the market is closed (for example,

What are overnight fees?

An overnight fee – also called a rollover fee – is a payment that applies if you hold a position overnight.  CFD positions that stay

How much tax is deducted from my dividends?

Receiving a dividend payment is a taxable event in some cases and jurisdictions. The percentage of tax withheld by eToro depends on various factors and

Can I close part of my trade?

Starting in November 2018, it is now possible to manually close only part of a trade.  You can partially close a position as long as both the

What is the minimum trade size?

As of 6 December 2020, the minimum trade sizes for all eToro users are: Asset Class Minimum Trade Size Stocks and ETFs  $50 Crypto  $25

How do I set a limit order?

A limit order provides investors the ability to set a price at which a trade will be automatically executed. Unlike a market order which will be executed

What is Stop Loss?

A Stop Loss (SL) is a risk management tool which aims to add protection to your investment.    It is an instruction to close a trade at a

What is an order?

An order is an instruction a trader gives to a broker to buy or sell an asset. As soon as you click on ‘Open Trade’ or ‘Set Order’,

Do I own my cryptoassets?

On eToro, some positions are secured with real assets, and others use CFDs. Trading real cryptoassets means that we purchase the tokens on your behalf and

What is a SELL position?

Trading on eToro is based on strategy and sentiment: An investor who believes that the price of an instrument will rise in value will open a BUY position.

What is staking?

Staking is a process that allows rewards to be earned by holders of a specific coin.  Staking derives from the PoS (Proof-of-stake) mechanism, used

What is Take Profit?

A Take Profit (TP) is an instruction to close a trade at a specific rate, if the price is going in your favour, to ensure the profit is realised and goes

Can I withdraw my cryptocurrencies from the platform?

Clients of eToro (Europe) Ltd and eToro (UK) Ltd may withdraw BUY (long) positions that are backed by real crypto (not CFDs) from the eToro platform to

What are the market hours?

Different assets have different market hours on eToro. To see the full Trading Market Hours list, please click here.

What do I purchase when I open a position on eToro?

Please note that some of the instruments on the eToro platform are traded as real assets, while others use CFDs.   CFDs CFD stands for Contract

Why don’t you have all stocks like other brokers?

We have an amazing selection of stocks right now. Didn't find a stock you were looking for? Let us know, and we will look into adding it in the next

How do I set the Stop Loss?

A Stop Loss (SL) is mandatory on every position with the exception of non-leveraged BUY positions.   In this example, we are investing $1,000 in a

How do I cancel a pending order?

An order may be pending if it was created after market hours or is a limit order. In your Portfolio, click on the two opposing arrows to view the Orders

Can I trade options at eToro?

eToro does not currently offer Option trading. We do offer Currencies, Commodities, Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies and Indices. To see the full selection

What spreads does eToro offer?

Please refer to the link below in order to see eToro's typical spreads:

What is Negative Balance Protection?

It is possible for your Available balance to become negative. This could occur when all your Available balance is invested in open positions and overnight

What is a dividend?

A dividend is a sum of money paid regularly by a company to its shareholders out of its profits or reserves. Dividends are given based on each

How to find stocks in the platform

Not sure which stocks do we offer?  Perhaps you would like to diversify your portfolio and discover new markets to invest in. This article will

How do I set price alerts?

You can add assets to your watchlist to get valuable real-time data on the assets you follow, and with price alerts, you can choose to get a notification

What is a CFD?

CFD stands for Contract for Difference. CFD trading is a method that enables individuals to trade and invest in an asset by engaging in a contract between

Unit Calculation

In order to calculate the amount of units for a trade, we may use one of the formulas below, according to the instrument being traded. Please note that,

Can I buy a stock when the market is closed?

If the market you wish to invest in is closed, you can set an after hours order to execute at the first available rate when the market opens. We currently

How do I calculate the Pip value?

You can calculate the pip value for a trade by using the Pip Calculator and entering the number of units in the ‘Trade size’ box. Knowing the

What does the Equity represent?

The Equity represents the state of your account if you were to close all of your open positions and thereby realize your current gains or losses.

Is there a maximum trade size?

As part of our efforts to promote responsible trading, there are certain restrictions on the size of each trade:   1) Each instrument has a maximum

How do I set the Take Profit?

A Take Profit (TP) is mandatory on every position with the exception of non-leveraged BUY positions.  In this example, we are investing $1,000 in a

Why is there a loss as soon as I open a trade?

Every instrument has a BUY price and a SELL price. This difference in price is called the spread, and contains the commission which we charge on each

What is a margin call?

A margin is the portion of the Cash Equity in your account required for maintaining open positions. You must have a sufficient margin of Cash Equity in

Why did my trade close automatically?

Kindly note that trades will close automatically when the Stop Loss or Take Profit order is triggered. Stop Loss and Take Profit are risk management tools

How do I calculate the P/L (profit or loss) per trade?

To calculate the profit or loss for a closed trade, please use the formula below:  BUY Trade: (Close rate - Open rate) X Units X USD exchange rate =

Is it possible to leverage my stocks?

Yes, you can! Retail clients at eToro can leverage stock trades by up to x5. *Please note that all positions with leverage are traded as CFDs.

Where can I find my Position ID?

What is a position ID?   The position ID is a unique 9 or 10 digit number assigned to each trade for identification purposes.   Where can I find

Can I still short cryptocurrencies?

You are still able to open short (SELL) positions on the platform, however, these will be CFD positions.

What is the minimum Stop Loss on cryptocurrencies?

Since 28 March 2018, cryptocurrency trades are opened with no Stop Loss by default. You may apply a Stop Loss order after the position is opened,

Does eToro allow Scalping?

Under eToro's Terms and Conditions, scalping is a trading technique that is not allowed. In order to learn more about this policy, please refer to our

Does eToro offer MT4?

Sadly, we do not support the MT4 platform, as this platform is not compatible with our award winning products and therefore our community of Social

Is it possible to “short sell” stocks?

Yes, you can open both Long (BUY) and Short (SELL) positions for all stocks.

What is the Portfolio?

Your portfolio shows you all your trading activity.   The default view shows you information about all the markets, traders and CopyPortfolios you

What happens if my stock is affected by a corporate event (such as a delisting or merger)?

The eToro platform does not support the replacing of one stock with another. However, eToro clients affected by such corporate actions may receive

Why did my position close due to Contract Rollover (CR)?

It is important to note that trades on the China A50 Index, Copper, Cocoa, Wheat, Cotton, Aluminum, Nickel, Sugar, Palladium and monthly Crude Oil Futures

What is a spread?

The spread is the difference between the Bid (Sell) price, and the Ask (Buy) price (it is the commission the broker charges on every position). For

How do I set an after hours order?

If the market you wish to invest in is closed, you can set an after hours order to execute at the first available rate when the market opens. We currently

Pending stocks

When opening a stock order while the market is closed, it will show as "pending" until the market opens. For markets opening times, please click

How are the overnight fees on stocks calculated?

For non-leveraged BUY stock positions, there are no rollover fees. For leveraged BUY stock positions and SELL stock positions, the daily fee is 

Are BUY and SELL orders executed in real time?

BUY and SELL market orders are executed in real time. As soon as you click on ‘Open Trade’ or ‘Set Order’, an order to open a

What do I purchase when I buy ETFs on eToro?

When you open a non-leveraged BUY (long) position on an ETF, you are investing in the underlying asset.* eToro also offers additional functions using CFD

What is a reverse stock split?

We're glad you asked! A reverse split is a market event whereby a company decides to reduce the number of existing shares and in so doing, increase

What is an ETF?

Exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund that tracks an index, a commodity or bonds and is traded on stock exchanges. When you buy shares of

What is a Lot?

 Forex is traded in specific amounts called lots. The standard size for a lot is 100,000 units. There are also a mini, micro, and nano lot sizes that

What is eToro?

We are a social trading and multi-asset brokerage company that has registered offices in Cyprus, Israel, and the United Kingdom. The eToro online trading

How can I switch between Real and Virtual accounts?

Here is how to switch between your real and virtual accounts: 1. Log into your account. 2. Click on the drop-down menu below your profile picture. 3.

What is a Pip?

Pip is an acronym for ‘percentage in point’. A pip is a unit of measurement for price movement. We use pips to measure the change in the price

What is Copy Stop Loss?

Copy Stop Loss (CSL) is a feature that gives you the ability to manage your trades effectively by providing risk management in each “copy

What is margin?

Margin is the amount of funds you allocate from your account equity to open a position. On leveraged positions, margin is often expressed as a percentage

Can I buy stocks commission-free?

Zero commission stock investing is available to all eToro users, excluding the U.S. This means that you can invest in the underlying asset of stocks, with:

What is One Click Trading?

'One Click Trading' mode is a very useful tool for experienced traders, allowing them to open trades immediately, without confirmation, using

Real Time Stocks

Stock trading on eToro is done in real time, similar to the way it is done on actual stock markets. You can open a position on any of the 800 stocks


Are the buy and sell orders executed in real time?What do I purchase when I buy stocks on eToro?How do I buy stocks?What are the benefits? How can I

What is the market range for a limit order?

When setting a limit order, it is important to bear in mind that your requested order rate may not be traded during volatile periods in the market. In

What is a stock split?

Excellent question!    A Split is a market event whereby a company decides to divide its existing shares into multiple shares according to a

What time zone does eToro use on the charts?

The time used in the charts is your local time.   If you want to change the time zone, please follow these steps:   1. Go to any asset's

Why does the spread vary?

On eToro, spreads are variable.  Spreads may vary per instrument according to market conditions. Instruments which are typically more volatile are

How do I calculate the commission per trade?

The formula for calculating the commission we charge per trade is as follows:  Pip value X Spread on position closure = Commission The spread on

Can my trading actions be limited?

eToro users are able to open or close positions as they choose to, as long as the conditions in the market allow it. Please bear in mind that eToro does

What is a Market Gap?

When a market is closed (for example, during weekends or daily market breaks), there are no rates being traded. However, news and announcements still

How are the rollover fees on Oil and Natural Gas calculated?

eToro offers Spot CFD pricing on Oil and Natural Gas to enable you to open positions that are not subject to a contract that expires. The price of the

Which cryptoassets can I trade on the eToro investment platform?

Click here to see the full list of cryptoassets you can own and short on the eToro investment platform.

Can daily rollover fees change?

Rollover fees/refunds change from time to time based on global market conditions. When this happens, we will implement the changes. Please be aware

What type of Oil does eToro offer?

eToro offers the Spot CFD contract, which is based on the Futures contracts of the underlying commodity, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Light

What type of crypto positions open when I copy someone?

On eToro, some positions are secured with real assets, and others use CFDs. For more information, click here. When you copy another trader who is

How can I sell something I never bought?

When you are investing in a CFD, you are investing in the possibility of a price of an asset moving up or down. 'Buy' and 'Sell' are

Why are some instruments like the USD/RUB and/or USD/CNH disabled on occasion?

Both of these stated markets are considered exotic. Because of this, at times, there is very low liquidity in the market. During those times, the spread

Can I trade Real Time stocks in Demo?

Yes you can.

Why is the risk in real time stock higher than in the FX market?

This is due to the large price movements on a daily basis. Price gaps are an additional behavior which can be seen more on stocks trading. These price

Does eToro support hard forks?

Here at eToro, we understand the importance of forks as a means of maintaining and improving cryptoasset blockchain networks. We continuously monitor

What happens if I copy a trader or invest in a CopyPortfolio after market hours?

You can still copy people or invest in CopyPortfolios when the market is closed, and if you choose to copy open positions, all open positions will be

What is LIBOR?

The LIBOR is the most commonly-used benchmark rate that is given by banks when charging each other for short-term loans. LIBOR stand for London Interbank

Are there any benefits in buying stocks at eToro?

Invest as little as $50 in fraction shares and your favorite brands to your portfolio . We are giving you the opportunity to inject that same “

Are the cryptocurrencies regulated?

Cryptocurrencies are not regulated and so users will not be insured by the Investor compensation schemes in Cyprus or UK for these instruments when they

Why should I trade with eToro?

Today, we empower millions of users in more than 150 countries worldwide to leverage the wisdom of the crowds through our fully intuitive and easy-to-use

What is Forex?

Forex is a common abbreviation of Foreign Exchange (also referred to as FX) and is the largest financial market in the world with a turnover of more than $

What is the risk in real time stocks?

Stocks can display significant movements over the course of a single day. Normally, movements are not too great, but on certain days, such as when

Are variable spreads unique to eToro or available across the industry?

Variable spreads are not unique to eToro; they are an industry-wide practice. Some brokers and banks use averages or typical spreads, but generally