What is the maximum leverage per instrument?

Maximum leverage limits are defined by competent authorities and vary according to the volatility of the underlying instrument.


For all retail clients of eToro (Europe) Ltd, eToro (UK) Ltd, and eToro AUS Capital Limited:

  • x30 for major currency pairs (such as EUR/USD).
  • x20 for non-major currency pairs (such as EUR/NZD), Gold, and major indices.
  • x10 for commodities other than Gold and non-major equity indices.
  • x5 for CFD stocks and ETFs.
  • x2 for CFD cryptoassets.

For clients of eToro (Seychelles) Ltd:

  • x400 for major currency pairs (such as EUR/USD).
  • x100 for Gold and other commodities, and major indices.
  • x50 for non-major currency pairs. 
  • x10 for non-major indices, CFD stocks and ETFs.
  • x5 for CFD cryptoassets.

eToro may choose to decrease the leverage we offer at any time. Click here to find out more.