What are overnight fees?

An overnight fee – also called a rollover fee – is a payment that applies if you hold a position overnight. 

CFD positions that stay open overnight incur a small fee, relative to the value of the position. This is essentially an interest payment to cover the cost of the leverage that you use overnight.

Overnight fees are the industry standard, and reflect the forces of supply and demand driving the market.

The fees vary according to position’s direction (BUY or SELL). In some instances, you can get money back: an overnight refund.

With the exception of cryptoassets, overnight/rollover fees are not charged/credited on Saturdays and Sundays. Fees for these days are charged/credited during a weekday, which consists of the regular payment multiplied by 3: a weekend fee/refund.

The weekend fee/refund is applied to positions on currencies and most commodities on Wednesdays. The weekend fee/refund is applied to positions on Saudi stocks on Thursdays. The weekend fee/refund is applied to positions on other stocks, indices, ETFs, Oil and Natural Gas on Fridays.


For more information on how we calculate these fees, click here.


Questions and Answers:


1. When are overnight fees charged?

Overnight fees are charged at 17:00 New York time. The fees are charged for any position open at this time.


2. How can I see the overnight fees that will be charged?

When you manually open a position, the exact fee will show at the bottom of the confirmation window that opens prior to placing the trade. You can see the complete list of fees that we charge in the fees page of our website.



3. Are there overnight fees on stocks, cryptoassets and ETFs?

We only charge overnight fees on CFD positions. Currently, we do not charge overnight fees on non-leveraged BUY positions for stocks, cryptoassets and ETFs.


4. How can I see how much I have paid/received?

You can view the fees and refunds in your account statement, the portfolio History page and trade summary screen.


5. Do you take the overnight fee from the position or from the account balance?

For manual trades, we take the overnight fee from the account balance. For copied positions, we take the fee from the available copy balance.


6. What if I do not have enough money in my account balance?

If you do not have available funds, it will create a negative balance.


7. Are overnight fees subject to change?

Yes. As market conditions change, we evaluate if changes need to be made to the fees that we charge. The full list of up to date rates can be consulted on our fees page.