Why do I need to add funds to open my position?

In order to open a new Buy or Sell position, it is necessary to have funds in your available balance. CFD trading is based on strategy and sentiment: An

How can I contact eToro?

Do you have a question about your account or the platform? Have you encountered an unexplained error? Or maybe you have a suggestion for a new feature?

Why don’t you have all stocks like other brokers?

We have an amazing selection of stocks right now. Didn't find a stock you were looking for? Let us know, and we will look into adding it in the next

Why am I blocked from copying other traders?

Welcome to the exciting world of copy trading! Due to regulation requirements (CopyTrading Investment Management services), Copy Trading Services will be

Is there a maximum trade size?

As part of our efforts to promote responsible trading, there are certain restrictions on the size of each trade:   1) Each instrument has a maximum

Why can't I log in?

If you cannot enter your trading account, please first check you have entered your username and password correctly. If you are not sure what your password

"Unable to open position" error message

If you are receiving the error message "Unable to open position", it may be due to two main reasons: 1. At the moment, our liquidity providers

Where can I find my Position ID?

What is a position ID?   The position ID is a unique 9 or 10 digit number assigned to each trade for identification purposes.   Where can I find

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you enter an invalid password when signing into eToro, an option to reset your password will appear. Follow these steps to reset your password: 1.

Why did my trade close automatically?

Kindly note that trades will close automatically when the Stop Loss or Take Profit order is triggered. Stop Loss and Take Profit are risk management tools

Why is there a loss as soon as I open a trade?

Every instrument has a BUY price and a SELL price. This difference in price is called the spread, and contains the commission which we charge on each

Pending stocks

When opening a stock order while the market is closed, it will show as "pending" until the market opens. For markets opening times, please click

What should I do if I can't see my withdrawn funds?

Once a withdrawal is requested, it will take up to 1 business day to be reviewed and processed by eToro, provided we have received all the

Why are trades not being copied?

There are a couple of reasons why you may not see the positions of a trader you are copying replicated in your portfolio.   1) You did not copy open

How can I submit a complaint?

To submit a complaint, please use our Online Form. You can use the Customer Service Center to track your tickets.

Why are some instruments like the USD/RUB and/or USD/CNH disabled on occasion?

Both of these stated markets are considered exotic. Because of this, at times, there is very low liquidity in the market. During those times, the spread

Where can I leave a suggestion?

If you wish to leave a suggestion/feedback you are invited to click here and open a new ticket.

Why is the risk in real time stock higher than in the FX market?

This is due to the large price movements on a daily basis. Price gaps are an additional behavior which can be seen more on stocks trading. These price