What should I do if I see the message ‘Unable to open position’?

If you are trying to open a trade but you are receiving the error message ‘Unable to open position’, it may be due to one of these reasons:


1.  Cache and cookies in your device

  When you use a browser on any device, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. This may affect the ability to open trades, and you may receive the message ‘Unable to open position’. 

Often, when users are having technical issues with the platform, the problem can be resolved by clearing the cache and/or by deleting cookies.


Please clear cache and cookies, following your browser's instructions, and try to open the trade again. To know how to do this process, click here.


We recommend following this process regularly to avoid problems while opening, closing, or editing positions on the eToro investment platform. 


2. No counterparties at the requested rate

 When you request to open a position, we send your order to our liquidity providers and they look for the best available price.


In the market, at any point, there are buyers and sellers at different prices. If at your requested price, there are no counterparties that are willing to fill your order, the liquidity providers move to the next best rate, until the order is filled.


If the process takes longer than 15 seconds, the request is cancelled by our liquidity providers and you will receive the error message ‘Unable to open position’.


Please try to open the trade again.



3. The maximum exposure was reached for that particular instrument 

  Trades have a maximum size. If you try to open a position beyond that limit, you will get the error message ‘Unable to open position’ and the position won't open. 

To solve this issue, you can try opening the position with a lower invested amount, or with lower leverage. 


If you tried the previous step and you are still having the same error message, you may wish to open a trade on a different instrument.


Are you still receiving the error message? Click here to contact Customer Service.