eToro Partners

What are eToro Partners' commission plans by default?

Our default commission plans are based on CPA. For more information, please click here.   Here are the requirements for valid CPA: The referred user

What is eToro Partners?

eToro Partners is the partners program that offers monetary payment for traffic directed to eToro from the affiliate’s online sources (e.g. website,

Where is eToro located?

eToro is regulated in the UK, Europe, Australia, Gibraltar and the US. We have 10 offices worldwide, including centres in the US, UK, Israel, Cyprus and

How do I change my eToro Partners payment information?

For security reasons, you cannot make any changes to your payment information yourself. In order to edit your payment information or account details,

How does the eToro Partners program work?

Each time a visitor clicks on one of your partner links, they are directed to eToro’s site where they can see our Social Investment Network,

Which payment methods are available to receive commissions on eToro Partners?

eToro Partners can be paid by Neteller, Skrill or bank transfer. (In the USA, only wire transfer is available.):  E-Wallet Payment eToro Partners can

What marketing tools can eToro Partners use?

We offer a variety of marketing tools in our eToro Partners website which includes banners, articles, widgets, etc. You can begin promoting eToro and

Can I get my traders’ details?

Due to privacy regulations, we are not permitted to disclose such information.

Is there a minimum amount that is needed for me to receive my partner earnings?

The minimum amount for a transfer by eWallets is $100. For a deposit by bank transfer the minimum amount is $500.

How do I create serial IDs?

To create a serial ID, click on “Tracking Links” in the left side menu of your eToro Partners account. Then proceed to choose the type of link

What is an FTD?

An FTD is a First Time Deposit which occurs when your referred trader makes their first deposit with real money.